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RTA Amendments and What They Mean For You

As of March 2021, the Victorian government implement 132 new amendments to the Residential Tenancies Act. These amendments will change the rights and responsibilities between Landlords (now Rental Providers) and tenants (now Renters).

The 132 reforms cover the following topics and you can find the summary here. They cover: Starting a tenancy, Living in a rental property, Leaving a rental property, Repairs, modifications and property conditions, Reforms unique to rooming houses, Reforms unique to caravan parks and residential parks, Family violence and personal violence, Long term leases & Other changes

To help understand the amendments and how they effect you, My Agent Real Estate has created some video content covering FAQs and debunking some of the myths we have heard as an agency. You can watch the videos below.

You can also find links to further information on the Consumer Affairs Victoria website and downloads to our disclosure statement to help you understand the impacts of the changes.

Rental Minimum Standards Guide – Consumer Affairs Victoria

Guide to rental law changes in Victoria – Consumer Affairs Victoria

Prepare for Rental Changes: Resources for Rental Providers

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